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No.39 ART AND DESIGN 艺术与设计 理论
设计艺术理念Design and Art Philosophy
从经济性角度浅析设计艺术 曹英/何勇
From the Economic Point of View Analyze the Design and Art CAO Ying/ HE Yong
浅析回归中的当代艺术设计 董俊
The Analyse of the Recursive Contemporary Art Design DONG Jun
浅谈设计语意的语言媒介 程晓婷/ 郭大耀
The Language Medium for Design Meaning CHEN Xiaoting /GUO Daoyao
蓝色意象的来源及其应用研究 过为
The Research of the Origin and Application of the Image of Blue GUO Wei
从"随类赋彩"到"赋彩制形" 刘颖
From "Drawing Color Adhere to the Type" to "Drawing Color Making Form" LIU Ying
信息设计——设计学科发展新方向 封红莲/顾惠忠
Information Design——New Development Trend in Design FENG Honglian/GU Huizhong
父权制与女性主义设计 顾筱娴
The Father Power System And Female Doctrine Design GU XIaoxian
主义与形式 尹建伟/沈丽贤
Doctrine and the Form YIN Jianwei/SHEN Lixian
艺术设计中的"简"与"繁" 张杰/靳向斌
Conciseness and Tediousness of Art-design ZHANG Jie/JIN Xiangbin
溯"源"寻"本"谈设计 石林
Talk about Design in Reach of Its "Source" and "Root" SHI Lin
中国"结"缘天下 赵佳
The Knots Tying China to the World ZHAO Jia
刍议先秦工艺造物思想中的"功能主义" 刘祥波
On "Functionalism" in Creation Thoughts of Pre Qin Time LIU Xiangbo
视觉传达设计Visual Communication Design
视觉传达在和谐社会中的作用 赵平
The Functions of Visual Communication in Harmonious Society ZHAO Ping
平面设计之非平面拓展研究 谭旭红
Study On Non-Graphic Development Of Graphic Design TAN Xuhong
水墨文化在平面设计中的文化特性 王檬檬
The Identity of the Culture of Water-ink in Graphic Design WANG Mengmeng
谈插图在流行音乐CD封套设计中的应用 张艳
A Review on Illustration Used in Pop Music CD Cover Design ZHANG Yan
永恒瞬间·凝之美——浅谈中国古代文学插图的人物刻画 王炜
Eternal Moment——Characterization of literature illustrations in ancient China WANG Wei
文字符号的图形化初探 彭曲云/范伟
The Searching of Writing Mark in Figures and Diagrams PENG Quyun/ FAN Wei
书籍设计形态的形式结构研究 陈珊妍
The Research in the Form Structure of Bookshape Design CHEN Shanyan
"点"在书籍封面设计中的应用 王海明
"Spot" in Books Title Page Design WANG Haiming
论威廉·莫里斯的书籍设计风格——唤醒完美图书设计的革命 姜坤英
The Style of Book Design by Wiliiam Morris:Waken up the Revolution of the Ideal Book JIANG Kunying
追求现代版式设计的"气韵生动" 马宁
Pursuing " QiYun Lively "for Modern Layout Design MA Ning
现代花卉的包装与设计 刘妤
Packaging and Design of Modern Flower LIU Yu
浅谈装饰人体 敖立琦
Superficial Analysis of Human Decoration AO Liqi
基于"中国元素设计热"的本土化广告创意思考 付强/侯冠华Thinking on Localized Advertising Creativity on the basis of Hot Chinese Elements in Design FU Qiang/ HOU Guanhua
空间艺术 Space Art
社区庭院中公共空间和私密空间的融合 姚士杰/俞书伟/宋丹
The Confluction of Public Space And Personal Space In Community Courtyard YAO Shijie/YU Shuwei/SONG Dan
城市景观形象设计的地域性特征浅议 李峻峰
Regional Characteristic That City's Landscape Image Design is Discussed Simply LI Junfeng
幼儿园环境色彩设计研究 许舒
Research on Kindergarten Environment Color Design XU Shu
现代展示设计的材料工艺运用 杨一峰
The Usage of Modern Exhibition Design Materials and Craftsmanship YANG Yifeng
交融的空间——新技术背景下的地域性室内设计的研究 袁雪雯/杨茂川
Syncretic Space——Research of regional interial design in the context of new technology YUAN Xuewen/YANG Maochuan
对中国传统住居空间私密性的探究 王冬梅
Researches on the Privacy of Chinese Traditional Residence WANG Dongmei
天水地区脊饰艺术 赵新平/张兴全
The Ridge-decoration Art of TianShui ZHAO Xinpin/ ZHANG Xingquan
设计艺术教育Design and Art Education
综合性设计教育与创造性人才培养 赵峰珂/许惠珍/许衍军
All-around Design Education and Training Creative Talents ZHAO Fengke/ XU Huizhen/ XU Yanjun
对产品设计教学的思考 杨松
Thoughts on Teaching of Product Design YANG Song
关于普通院校环境艺术设计专业的课程研究 梁秋亮
Study Ordinary Specialized Course of Universities and Colleges' Environmental Art Design LIANG Qiuliang
论平面设计教学的交流与互动 史绅
The Communication and Interaction of Plane Design Teaching SHI Shen
从"视觉语汇"教学看设计意识的提高 宋端
Investigating the Advance of Designing Consciousness from" Visual Literacy " Teaching SONG Duan
数字艺术Digital Art
基于互联网络的动画设计研究 曲国先/蔡丽娟
A Cartoon Design Research Based On Internet QU Guoxian / CAI Lijuan
产品设计Product Design
从修辞学的角度对设计符号学中象征功能的再认识 成畅 / 戚一翡 / 吴坚
Further Understanding of Symbolical Function in Design Semeiology from Rhetorical Angles CHENG Chang/QI Yifei/WU Jian
情感设计辨析 王安霞 / 李檬
Differentiation and Analysis of Emotional Design WANG Anxia/LI Meng
产品设计的感性品质 杨梅 / 张鑫
The Kansei Quality of Product Design YANG Mei / ZHANG Xin
中国传统文化与产品情感化设计 黄林诗 / 张阿维 / 王光武
Chinese Traditional Culture and Products Emotional Design HUANG Linshi/ZHANG Awei/WANG Guangwu
技术美在设计产品中如何体现 吕小艳
How to Present the Aesthetic Aspect of Technology in Designing Products LV Xiaoyan
材料的感觉特性的研究与探讨 张莉立/贾园园
The Study of the Material Feeling Characteristie ZHANG Lili/JIA Yuanyuan
"哥窑"文化在家具设计中应用 邓继文 / 陈 波 / 彭艳芳
The "Ge-kiln" Culture will be used in Furniture Design DENG Jiwen/CHEN Bo/PENG Yanfang
徽派民间传统家具的现代化 贺婧
The Modernization of the Folk Traditional Anhui Style Furniture HE Jing
基于快速成型技术的警用小型电子产品工业设计方法研究 陈毓
A Kind of Method for Industry Design Based on the Rapid Prototyping (RP) Technology and Suit for the Design of the Small Electronic Product for Police CHEN Yu
设计管理 Design Management
设计管理在企业核心构建中的功能拓展 杨君顺/赵晴雪
The Function of Design Administration in the Construction of an Enterprise Core Competitive YANG Junshun/ZHAO Qingxue
服装设计Clothes Design
论服装形态的意识与意境 陈窕窕/侯思泽
On Consciousness and Artistic Conception of Clothing Conformation CHEN Yaoyao/ HOU Size
服装设计艺术应加强传统民族风格的体现 周利群
Nationalistic Style Should Be Emphasized in Fashion Design ZHOU Liqun
中国古代饕餮纹饰的历史文化表征 於琳
Gluttonous Pattern's Token of Historical Culture in Ancient China YU lin
摄影情感性的时空选择与控制 孙宇龙
Alternative and Control Photograph Emotional of Space-time SUN Yulong
浅析现代漆画的绘画性 胡娉
Brief Analysis Modern Lacquer Painting Pictorial HU Ping
论本土特征与民族性在装置艺术中的体现和运用 高阳
The Application of Local and National Features in Installation Art GAO Yang
略谈书法在公共艺术中的作用 朱勇前
On the Role of Calligraphy ZHU Yongqian
国内城市雕塑现状分析与问题研究 张辉/王家民
The Analysis and Study of National City Sculpture Present Condition ZHANG Hui/WANG Jiamin
中国古代雕塑的造型特征 过莎
Figure Characteristic of Chinese Ancient Sculpture GUO Sha
论唐代仕女画的发展及成因 周蕴斐
The Argument on the Development and Reasons of Painting about Beauty in Tang Dynasty ZHOU Yunfei
传统工艺美术Traditional Craft Art
民俗学的困惑与拯救——民间工艺 詹秦川 / 王悦
Confusion and Rescue of Folklore-Handicrafts ZHAN Qinchuan/ WANG Yue
织锦画走进数码新时代 王晓安 / 李加林
The Development of the Brocade Picture in Digital Era WANG Xiaoan/LI Jialin
雕刻在经纬线上的艺术——浅析明代织物纹样 万敏
Carve Art on the Warp and the Woof —— Analysis about the Ming fabric lines appearance WAN Min
论中国传统玩具特质及其传承与发展 刘健夫 /洪华 /陶晋
Characteristic and Development of Traditional Chinese Toy LIU Jianfu/HONG Hua/TAO Jin
民间玩具的艺术魅力 王懿静
The Art Charm of Chinese Folk Toy WANG Yijing
追溯新艺术元素在中国古代瓷瓶中的生命起源 杨蕾
New Art's Charactors Life from the Chinese Ancient Insulators YANG Lei
传承与创新——浅析唐朝"联珠纹"的时代特色与发展 吴巧仂
Spread to Accept and Innovation——Brief Analysis special features and developments of "lian zhu wen" WU Qiaole
初探休闲与文化 许慧珍/徐洪军/张福昌
On Leisure and Culture XU Huizhen/ XU Hongjun/ZHANG Fuchang

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